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About ALTO Co. Ltd.
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ALTO is simply a sewing shop manufacturing small volumes of specialised products and which strives to attend to the particular needs of their clients.

Their approach to the development of hiking, mountaineering and caving equipment is primarily based on the personal experience of ALTO developers. Next to that and making best use of user feedback they have created and shaped a range of fairly different products.

It's a good idea to opt for ALTO if...

  • you'd have a small product volume manufactured and costs ought to fit the budget.
    Evidently a small Central European workshop will not manage to get even close to the prices of Far East. Working with ALTO, however, means that you will not have to keep big stocks which greatly reduces both risk and the amount of your investment, next to lower transport costs and better terms of delivery. If the need for a modification arises this can be attended to in a much more flexible manner.
  • the products currently available on the market do not fully match the needs of your clients and you are aware of a better solution.
    ALTO developers strive to offer their clients exactly what they need. This may well result in a more costly product, but if considering the value added or even the resulting savings the additional cost may well be worth your while.
  • Producing small volumes in Europe may be a cost effective option in many situations. But bear with us... ALTO is your best partner if...

  • you know what your clients need, yet you need somebody to design and develop the exact solution responding to those needs. ALTO delivers mature products, starting with the planning through to the integration of feedback.
  • you need a heavy duty product in the upper quality range.
  • the scarce expertise of ALTO with regard to resistant basic materials and solid design is likely to enhance your competitive edge.
  • functionality is your priority. ALTO's underlying philosophy is to convince users by delivering durable, reliable and highly useful equipment. Although visual design is a big issue with salespeople and naturally a priority, their primary concern is to create functional products.
  • Even though miracles are none of their business, don't hesitate to contact ALTO...

  • Even though it is not always evident that all expectations face a future product can be completely met - they will facilitate your decision as to what properties are essential.
  • Even though development costs for low-volume serial manufacture next to the costs for solid basic materials result in higher prices - together we will convince your clients that they'll get mature equipment well worth the investment.
  • Even though compared to mass products ALTO's quality solutions cost more time and money - they will take great care to implement your ideas in time. Do not hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible to facilitate in-time solutions. ALTO helps you find those sustainable compromises that facilitate success.
  • ALTO products cover a wide range of needs including:

  • rucksacks and backpacks suiting school pupils, extreme sports and reconnaissance, amongst others
  • special outdoor clothing and equipment for hiking, camping and recreation
  • protective clothing and equipment for cavers, climbers and scuba divers
  • transport and storage containers for special purposes and resisting wear-and-tear - examples for these are insulated camera bags used in arctic expeditions, folding bike bags for transport on boats and trains, large containers for life-size dolls, GPS antenna bags etc.
  • mattresses for kindergartens, schools and underneath climbing walls
  • overalls and special underwear for scuba-divers
  • medical bags, knapsacks and first-aid devices for alpine rescue services
  • dog accessories like small and large duffies, frisbees and portable drinking troughs
  • ALTO is dedicated to supply their clients and users with high quality equipment best suited to their individual needs and made from the appropriate basic materials.


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